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Fair Game

G6 Casino: Setting the Standard for Fair Gaming in Online Casino Australia

Ensuring Fair Play

A Secure and Honest Environment

At G6 Casino, our utmost priority is to maintain a secure, honest, and reputable gaming environment on the internet. To achieve this, we employ rigorous measures that uphold the principles of fair gaming. Our gaming servers are hosted by Playtech N.V., an industry leader known for its commitment to fair play. This partnership ensures that we have no control over the outcome of any game or result, guaranteeing impartiality.

Transparency and Accountability

As part of our unwavering commitment to fair gaming, we provide players with the ability to review each and every result of their gaming history through a unique graphical record that displays both the player's result and the dealer's result. This transparency empowers players to scrutinize the fairness of every game they participate in.

Independent Third-Party Audits

To further reinforce our dedication to fair gaming, leading accounting firms regularly examine Playtech's casino gaming software. These audits involve testing millions of game rounds to ensure 100% random results. These rigorous checks provide players with confidence that the games they enjoy on our platform are truly fair and free from any form of manipulation.

Payout Percentages and Accountability

Monthly Payout Percentages

At G6 Casino, we believe in full transparency when it comes to payouts. That's why we publish payout percentages on a monthly basis. This information allows players to gain insights into the expected returns on their wagers and helps in making informed decisions.

Independent Third-Party Assessment

In addition to our own efforts, the gaming software used on our platform is periodically examined by independent third-party accounting firms. These firms conduct thorough assessments to ensure the integrity and fairness of our games, providing an additional layer of accountability and peace of mind for our players.

Upholding Fair Play

Strict Employee Policies

To maintain the integrity of our gaming platform, both G6 Casino staff and employees, as well as those of Playtech N.V., are prohibited from participating in any jackpot or progressive games with real money. They are also restricted from entering any promotions, draws, or competitions offered by G6 Casino. These policies are strictly enforced to ensure that jackpot payouts and promotional prizes are never won by the House.

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